Jimei Uht Milk Machine Features

  • Milk is considered to be the main source of nutrition for everyone, especially growing children. In order to maintain the nutritional value of milk and long shelf life, ultra-high temperature milk was produced.
    What does ultra-high temperature milk mean?
    Umbilical cord terminal fittings Milk is ultra-high temperature milk that removes pathogens by treating milk at high temperatures. This process is used to produce shelf-stable milk that contains nutrients without adding any preservatives.
    Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides the best UHT Milk Machine and sanitary packaging equipment. Shanghai Jimei UHT milk is delicious because it is a homogeneous milk and therefore has a uniquely thick texture; creamy and smooth.
    Advantages and features of Shanghai Jimei Ultra High Temperature Milk:
    No microbes in the air
    No need to boil
    Cut and drink ultra-high temperature milk packaging
    No need to chill before opening
    Packed in pre-sterilized tetra packaging containers
    If kept in the refrigerator, keep it fresh for up to 1 day after opening
    Easy to carry and use when traveling
    No preservatives and chemicals added during its manufacturing process
    Shanghai Jimei Fresh Milk
    Fresh + UHT milk nutrition strengthens vitamins A and D. Fresh + Milk provides essential vitamins to boost energy and ensure health. This ultra-high temperature milk package is packaged in a 500 ml Fenubak, and the ultra-high temperature milk has a shelf life of 100 days.
    Standard ultra high temperature milk
    Shanghai Jimei Standard Ultra High Temperature Milk meets the FSSAI standard. These ultra-high temperature milk cartons are packed in 1000 ml (1 L) four packs and the shelf life of ultra high temperature milk is 180 days. UHT milk maintains the quality of the milk by keeping the cream intact.
    Toning ultra high temperature milk
    Shanghai Jimei UHT Milk is ideal for tea, coffee and making sweets and desserts. These ultra-high temperature milk cartons are packed in 1000 ml tetra packs and are easy to carry even when traveling, compared to traditional pouch milk.
    Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides many advanced equipments needed for Milk Production Line. Welcome customers who are interested to come to leave a message and inquire.