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  • The Fruit Juice Production Line filling equipment adopts a magnetic torque type capping head to realize the functions of gripping and screwing. The capping torque is steplessly adjustable, and has a constant torque screwing and capping function. The fruit juice beverage filling equipment adopts advanced technologies such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control and inverter control. The juice beverage filling equipment has the functions of automatic control of the cover system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high temperature alarm of materials, low temperature shutdown and automatic reflow, no bottle without capping, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cover and other functions.

    The juice beverage filling equipment can easily adapt to the speed regulation of the production capacity, the micro-electric data control, the stable performance, and the operation is simple and more humanized. The cylinder is filled with power, high productivity, simple structure and easy maintenance. The screw cap part is provided with an automatic slip device, and the screw cap is loosely fitted. The soda-water mixing adopts high-strength atomization, and the pressure-pressure degradation is a normal-temperature mixing method, and the ideal steam-containing effect can be achieved without freezing. The juice beverage filling equipment has a novel and unique design, filling carbonated drinks or non-sparkling beverages, and does not interfere with each other, both of which can achieve the desired effect.

    The juice beverage filling equipment adopts an efficient cover system with perfect feeding technology and protection device. The juice beverage filling equipment is equipped with an overload protection device, which can effectively protect the equipment and operators. The control system has automatic control of the material water level, and the card bottle automatically stops. The juice beverage filling equipment uses hanging filling, and different bottle types and bottle thick books can be used.

    Precautions for the use and operation of juice beverage filling equipment:

    Before the juice beverage filling equipment is turned on, the disinfection liquid level should be checked, whether the power supply and air pressure are normal; whether the solenoid valves and cylinders are in good condition by manual method; whether the action is normal; whether the water pumps are turned correctly; whether the air is exhausted or not. If abnormal conditions are found, the production can be carried out after troubleshooting. The juice beverage filling equipment is automatically flushed, disinfected, filled, capped and glanded at the time of production, without human disturbance, but the operator should closely observe the status of each part, find the problem, and automatically hit the manual in time to prevent accidents. occur. When the chain is not in the right position, manually push the spindle out and then push the chain to the normal position. The juice beverage filling equipment should be replenished with disinfectant in time to prevent the pump from idling in the waterless state and burn out the seal. After the production is finished, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be drained, the gas path and water source should be cut off, and the power supply should be turned off.

    Juice beverage filling equipment working process:

    The juice beverage filling equipment can be divided into three steps of washing, filling and capping according to its function. The working process is as follows. The empty barrel mouth is inclined downwards into the feeding tray, and the empty barrel gap movement chain moves a station. At this time, the empty barrel is inverted and the barrel mouth is washed. There are four processes in the rinsing process: the first is clear water; the second is disinfectant; the third is sterile water rinsing; the fourth sterile water is washed again; after rinsing, there is 20S time for the bucket to drain. The cleaned net barrel chain is rotated downward by 45 degrees, the bucket slides out by itself, and then the barrel is turned down 45 degrees by the top barrel cylinder, so that the empty barrel is placed in the filling position, waiting for filling. The filling valve is pushed by the cylinder into the barrel mouth, and the automatic exhaust filling valve is opened and filled one by one. The filling time is set by the PLC, and the filling time can be corrected by using the panel multi-function button according to the liquid level. The best position, after filling to the liquid level, the excess water returns to the pure water tank through the automatic drain to reduce the waste of pure water. After the filling of the juice beverage filling equipment is completed, the filled barrel is pushed to the gland station by the cylinder of the barrel, and the lid is pressed when the next step is filled, and the whole process ends.

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