The future situation of china prefabricated houses is very good

  • CCTV recently reported on the development prospects of China's prefabricated buildings. It indicates that the proportion of prefabricated homes china will reach 30% in the next 10 years and will become one of the mainstream architectural models in China in the future.

    Compared with the traditional construction process, the prefabricated building has the advantages of modularization, individualization, high efficiency and environmental protection. The factory production and mechanized assembly greatly improve the safety of construction site, reduce noise and dust pollution, and construction waste can be Recycling, advanced technology, diverse structure and higher building quality.

    With the advent of the aging era, labor costs will rise rapidly. Traditional concrete construction methods require a large number of labor force participation. In the past few decades, China's construction industry has developed rapidly, benefiting from intensive labor resources. In the near future, this model will be difficult to support the development of the construction industry. The prefabricated building is highly mechanized, which greatly reduces the demand for labor. For example, a super 30-story building adopts a prefabricated building and requires only a dozen workers. The construction period is about half a year, which saves more labor than traditional construction.

    The cost of prefabricated construction is mainly prefabricated components. With the popularization of prefabricated buildings, the output of prefabricated components is increasing, the standardization rate is continuously improved, the scale effect is gradually emerging, the cost of fabricated construction will continue to decline, and the future will be much lower. In the traditional cast-in-place building mode.

    China's current prefabricated buildings account for less than 5%, which is far from the developed countries. Relevant forecasts show that the market size of China's prefabricated buildings will reach 2.5 trillion yuan in the future. Policy and market orientation indicate that assembly buildings It is welcoming the development opportunity of "time and place"!

    Chinese prefabricated houses will open up a new era in the construction industry.

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