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  • The Characteristics Of Uht Milk Machine Milk
    High temperature treatment 280 - 290 °F will kill almost all bacteria, yeast and mold that will destroy milk. This ultra-pasteurization process is the processing step required before filling into the package. The milk in the UHT Milk Machine is usually filled into two different forms after processi...
  • Three Sterilization Methods In Milk Production Line
    Sterilization methods for common Milk Production Line: (1) Low-temperature long-term sterilization method, also known as pasteurization (LTLT): that is, the milk is kept at 60 ° C for about half an hour, thereby achieving the purpose of pasteurization. (2) High temperature short time pasteurizat...
  • MMOGO & RSgoldfast
    Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM
  • Jimei Uht Milk Machine Sterilization Is More Effective
    The process of processing the Milk Production Line first requires sterilization, and the pasteurized milk is pumped into the mixing tank to stir the bacteria, and then the stirred pasteurized milk is pumped into the fermenter for fermentation. The sterilization process first requires temporary stora...
  • Solve The Problem Of Milk Production Line In Time
    More and more Milk Processing Plant are considering more and more factors when choosing equipment. Every family has many varieties. When buying milk production lines, I hope that one equipment can pack all kinds of products. Introduce the precautions and points of attention for purchasing a milk pro...

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  • Join The Daily Health Tips Group For Healthy Life.
  • الحب المستحيل
  • ديرتنــــــــــــــا الأردنيــــــــــــــــة
    524 members led by Rama Merji
    ديرتنــــــــــــــا الأردنيــــــــــــــــة
    مجموعة بتخص الاردن بعاداته وتقاليدة وثقافته
  • Focused Group - Dubai
    522 members led by Areebia Team
    Dubai Focused Group - created to promote business relationships and increase economic. It also provides latest news, new developments, activities, and events.انشأت هذه المجموعة للاطلاع كل الانشطة والفاعليات في دبي والتطور العمراني
  • Coca-Cola
    512 members led by raid daqa
    Since the first soda fountain sales in 1886, Coca-Cola have been a driver of marketplace innovation and an investor in local economies. Today Coca-Cola lead the beverage industry with more than 500 beverage brands -- including four of the world's top-five...  more
  • شوفوا ... شامنا عن قرب
    500 members led by Areebia Team
    يا شام يا شامة الدنيا يا اقدم عاصمة ومدينة في التاريخ يكفي التاريخ فخرا انك نسبه و تاريخه يكفي المجد انك عرابته وحاضنته يكفيه عزة بانك دمشق
  • نكت و ضحك
    489 members led by adham Dubai
    خلينا ننسا الهم والغم و نشارك بعض الضحكة
  • &امــ،،ــ،،ــبرطـــ،،ـــ،،ــوريه & الــــ،،ــحــــ،،ــــ،،ــــب&
    472 members led by محمد المومني
    أأتمنى أن أرزَق فرحـــــــــــــــــة من حيث لا أدري ,,


    كما أبتُليت بالوجـــــــــــــــع من حيث لا أحتســـــــــــــب
  • Gossip Girl
    432 members led by Salma MICHEAL
    Gossip Girl episode recaps, news, and videos - your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.
  • World Gold
    World Gold supports you in increasing your sales and customers. Now you can stay in a 24/7 contact with your customers. We imbed gold and silver into a new developed card which has a unique marketing tool on the back offering you the possibility to give e...  more