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  • The Characteristics Of Uht Milk Machine Milk
    High temperature treatment 280 - 290 °F will kill almost all bacteria, yeast and mold that will destroy milk. This ultra-pasteurization process is the processing step required before filling into the package. The milk in the UHT Milk Machine is usually filled into two different forms after processi...
  • Three Sterilization Methods In Milk Production Line
    Sterilization methods for common Milk Production Line: (1) Low-temperature long-term sterilization method, also known as pasteurization (LTLT): that is, the milk is kept at 60 ° C for about half an hour, thereby achieving the purpose of pasteurization. (2) High temperature short time pasteurizat...
  • MMOGO & RSgoldfast
    Best online shop to buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos for all servers on MMOGO.COM
  • Jimei Uht Milk Machine Sterilization Is More Effective
    The process of processing the Milk Production Line first requires sterilization, and the pasteurized milk is pumped into the mixing tank to stir the bacteria, and then the stirred pasteurized milk is pumped into the fermenter for fermentation. The sterilization process first requires temporary stora...
  • Solve The Problem Of Milk Production Line In Time
    More and more Milk Processing Plant are considering more and more factors when choosing equipment. Every family has many varieties. When buying milk production lines, I hope that one equipment can pack all kinds of products. Introduce the precautions and points of attention for purchasing a milk pro...

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  • اكبر تجمع لتبادل طلبات الصداقة
    زيادة عدد طلبات الصداقة
  • Marketing
    417 members led by febri dirgantara
    an effort to a successful marketing campaign
  • بنوتات
    403 members led by ذبحني غلاكـ
    حياكم فالقروب بتنورونا وتسذا :$
  • مصر أم الدنيا
    378 members led by Islam Sabry
    تجمع أبناء مصر الشرفاء .. مصر وطن .. مصر أكبر من وطن .. مصر وطن الاوطان
  • O_o حرك شفايفك مش شايفك O_o
    378 members led by Hadool Love
    اذا اخذتك الهموم في حزن و سيطرت عليك مشاعر الهم و الاحزان فما الك غير صفحة
    ~~O_o... حرك شفايفك مش شايفك.... O_o ~~
  • الفرق بين الحب و( الجنس )
    369 members led by katren skor
    تعلم الفرق بينهم
  • Middle East Got Talent! مواهب عربية
    366 members led by Michel Nassar
    All the newest talents, artists, singers, dancers and more in the middle east will be posted in this group! If you would like to share anything please feel free to do it as long as it is REALY good :) Worldwide talents are also an option, but we will main...  more
  • Albert H Photography
    351 members led by Albert Hasserjian
    We are specialized in Weddings, Photosessions, Kids Photoshooting & Advertising.

    By combining our technical skills with the latest technologies, we are able to provide highly successful & professional services.
    ...  more
  • الموسوعه الثقافيه
    350 members led by noor ziada
    لا تنظر الى قلة العدد ولكن انظر الى مدى الاستفاده التى ستنتفع بها من هذا الجروب .لكل معلومة ثقافيه فى كل علوم الدنيا .....
    نتشرف باضافتكم
  • اديها بيبسى مع-حتة-جڷآگسي-گدا كداآڷحيآةمآشية-عكسى
    340 members led by Mohamed Jomanjy
    █▓▒░◄ من الاخر جروبنا عسوووووووووول ►█▓▒

    █▓▒░◄ مالوش خالص في الفول ►█▓▒

    █▓▒░◄ و عندي لكل عضو محموول ►█▓▒

    █▓▒░◄ و الادمن زي الميمبر مش متعالي و مغرو...  more